Tuesday, December 21, 2010

OK Ladies, here is the deal. I want everyone to dedicate themselves to finishing one project (MAYBE? PLEASE?) so that our lonely blog can see some work that is being done, or in the process of being finished. I miss our stuff being uploaded (I have nothing to say because this again has been the Holiday of the great quilt making year)...but, I do miss our little cross stitches. I put in two for framing (I must say I am very excited about that). They will be done in January. I am hoping the maiden will post her "Thankful" done...it is amazing. Anyway, let us know when we will resume the round robin so I can get some other things done before my next step to complete shows up. Thanks. I love and miss you guys. The Crone


  1. I have been neglecting my Round Robin. However, the younger boys have baskeball practice Saturday mornings for two hours and i have been taking my letter "s" along....I was going to post it when finished, but I think a WIP update may be in store....I agree too long without any pictures.

  2. My Round Robin will get some attention this weekend, but I really cannot focus on one project! If I did it would be a HAED and then it would take months to post! After the RR I will pick a new focus piece (like I did with Rest and be Thankful) to alternate with a HAED (which unfortunately are now in alternations as well).

    My internet is not cooperating so I may need to have the Crone assit me in getting my last finish posted.

    My HAED of focus will be Eros and Psyche (your excitement on this one Crone is quite motivating!) Also, I am reading the "Fallen" series by Lauren Kate and am amused by the tie between the crosstitch and the books. My goal is to have significant progress by the time the 3rd book comes out this summer. Without a background it is a lofty, but attainable goal. I am only 300 stitches in, but the look on 32ct is obsence, and despite the increased difficulty I am very excited about this piece. things will go faster when I am not destracted by the books. Although, I still have 2 more seasons of the Supernatural to catch up on! The Maiden