Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I have added another HAED to my collection, Glimmer by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law! When I saw this pattern I knew it would go perfectly with my favorite painting by Jada Fire that currently resides in my guest room. This piece is a modest 15 pages (combined it is more like 10 pages) and 78,400 stitches.

Despite my actual postings I am making progress with my current WIPS. I am half way done with the next page on Pretty so I hope to post in a few weeks. The Maiden


  1. There is a new Mirabilia, "Charlotte," She is nice, but resembles Ventitian Opulance to closely to peak my interest. The Maiden

  2. I am 400 stiches in on this one and it looks great! I started with the pink in the upper right hand corner and it is being stiched on a pale yellow lugana that has pink undertones. Colored lugana makes all the difference...

    The Maiden