Monday, December 20, 2010

Eros and Psyche

Another HAED Start, and yes I am out of my mind. This is my first experiment in background removal. The only part I will be stitching is the two central figures. I began the piece on 25ct Lugana, a sparkle-gold, and after a few days I said "I bet this would look great on platinum (a coveted piece of 32ct Lugana that I have been saving for just the right project). After the floss toss I knew it was all over and I began the project again. I am a little nervous about the difficulty of 32ct, but this piece of fabric was made for Eros and Psyche and the idea of experimenting with different variables to effect the outcome of the project appeals to me.

Like all my projects this one found me, the night before it was released in fact. The Maiden


  1. This is amazing. I might have to buy this pattern to add to the list of projects that I will never finish in my lifetime.

  2. Totally love it!!!! Looks great as all your starts do