Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Concerning Charting

Years ago, when I first discovered HAED, the issue of charting presented itself. It was believed that certain retailers charts stitched up better than others. With an established retailer, like HAED you simply had to "trust in the charting" and know that the odd color you were adding would blend in the end.

I became concerned when the sky was not coming together as I hoped. Why was there all this green, where are the easy transitions and effortless blending? Having no time to waste on a project I would be unhappy with, I jumped to her face.

 I cannot say I am happy with the result, I realized these are meant to be viewed from afar, so I took this shot... I think I may need to sleep on this, and pause my work until I reach a decision as to proceed or not. The Maiden


  1. From a distance your maidens face looks lovely. I can understand your concern for the green, though, it does seem to be a bit off. Are you sure you're doing the right colour? I only ask because I've fallen in the same trap. I was supposed to be doing a bracket that went ( and ended up doing a bracket that went ). A very easy mistake to make.
    If everything looks correct, you can always drop Michele Sayetta a line and see if she has maybe updated the pattern or even ask for her expert opinion.

  2. I agree with Rai Rai that from a distance the shading and detail in the maiden's face is clear and you can see her cheekbones and chin line. It might also be the large count of the beads (by their nature) since you usually do pieces on a much smaller count (if I remember correctly). The green in the sky does look more electric than the photo but that might be because the beads are shiny, maybe ask Alicia at "The crafty princess" or Megan at "The Girl that Stitches" since they have done both stitching and diamond painting haeds and will know if the blending comes together differently with beads vs thread.