Monday, June 26, 2017

Mail Call From China!

Above is my second Diamond Painting Kit, ordered from AliExpress. I am very. Curious to see how the image turns out! It is 40cm x 40cm (which is roughly 16 inches x 16 inches), so it is much larger than my first project. This is a Full Diamond Painting, meaning the entire image is composed of small resin Square Beads (as opposed to the circular beads).

Here is my progress after 100 minutes, I started at the upper left and stopped at the halfway point.

The kit arrives in a long square box, the canvas is rolled and stuffed inside are the beads and key. I really should have been unpacking the last of my things after a trying move, or studying for my Real Estate Exam, but all I wanted to do was get started on this one!

I also order this amazing bead organizer on Amazon, it has 78 slots- more than enough if I decide to take on a HAED using this technique! (I do have 2 other kits I wanted to complete first, one is already on it's way from China!). My back and neck are really sore this evening, but I am hoping I will feel better by morning and up for more crafting!
The Maiden

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