Saturday, March 24, 2012

5 Random Facts

1. I went to High School with the Crone's son, and she was also my biology and botany teacher.

2. I received a Bachelors of Science in Integrative and Organismal Biology with a minor in English.

3. I am 29 and love to read young adult fiction (which I secretly hope to write some day).

4. I am a banecrophobic (fear of the walking dead) and for some reason cannot stop watching "The Walking Dead" on AMC!

5. My favorite food is beer chicken made by the Crone's husband (he jokes and says when I find a husband he will teach him how to make it as my wedding gift!)

I invite the Mother and the Crone to leave 5 things about themselves as well by editing this post, for I am only a third of the blog...

The Maiden


1. I am the mother of 5 children - we truly are the "Brady Bunch".

2. I am a police dispatch supervisor, who stitches to maintain some sanity in an otherwise insane world.

3. I have a new found obsession with hockey. GO BRUINS!!!!!!!!

4. I grew up in Las Vegas, before defecting to the North.

5. Still debating my 5th fact.

The Mother

1. I am the Crone so that means I am on the final cycle of the wheel...thus I have two children and a fabulous 7 grandchildren (one who is only 5 weeks old and sooooooooooooo cute!!!)

2. I have been an educator for 23 years...I have a masters degree and am nationally certified in Science for adolescence and adults.

3. My favorite artform is doing mozaic art...I love stitching, but that is more of a sanity thing..I also do watercolor painting and am thinking about crashing whole heartedly into another obsession of using polymer clay (yes I have already bought just about everything you can before ever touching a piece yet..). I guess really my favorite thing is gardening in the dirt...keeps me grounded! :)

4. I got married 7 days after high school graduation, so we have been hanging out for the last 36 years...guess I'll keep him!

5. I love sharing our stitching with all of you...your stitching is just as exciting to us as well!

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  1. Loved reading through the lists. :)

    Joy.... your #4 cracked me up!!!!