Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Approaches

So I have my letter S framed and ready to be sent off to Jimmy's mom for mothers day....And a secret project that may end up posted on here on Mothers Day if I don't hurry up. Love You!!!


  1. The frame is amazing! Did you frame it yourself? the streatching is perfect! Your mother in Law is going to love it! I wish I liked the "J," Sigh.

    I am a jumping bean (he he, my childhood nickname)again with my stitching, and spent all last night on Goblin Market only to discover I HATE the way my stitches are looking, so messy. It is the fabric, so I will buy a replacement (this time Lugana) and start again. The pattern is so hard to read, I think this one may become my White Whale (it is harder than a HAED)!

  2. She is great...what a lovely gift for you mother-n-law. Did you frame it? Lovely. I am sitting in LA at the science fair waiting for the "finalists" to do their first day of talking to the press..so thought I would check my favorite thing. Miss you guys.

  3. After 11 days without stitching a single cross I finally caved. I somehow injured my wrists, I blame the monotony that is my work existence, and have been too uncomfortable to stitch.

    However, last night, as I stared at the sparkling orange overdyed linen that would be used for the Mirabilia Trick or Treat Fairy I gave in. I think I will have to work back up to the level of stitching I desire, but at least I am 100 stitches in! The Maiden