Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sometimes a Girl Needs Kreinik

I have been flitting around on projects lately, not being able to settle on anything for more than a few hours, and finding myself more frustrated than fulfilled by my stitching. The Crone said it was because I was not working on what I was meant to work on (this resonated with me). So I thought really hard about what was missing, and the answer was Kreinik! I do believe this is why I have so many Mermaids, I just have to have Kreinik! Hopefully I will have Internet in a few days and progress pictures will follow.

I have been busy bee. I started Masquerade (Ink Circles) and Goblin Market (gasp!) worked a Little on Hope (until the black silk on 40ct gave me a 2 day migraine), made progress on Sabrina, and for my Kreinik fix.... Mothers Arms! The Maiden

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