Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cross Stitch and Key Boards and Carpel Tunnel, Oh My!

So a neurologist has confirmed it (working for a Clinic does have one perk, consult while working) I appear to have Carpel Tunnel. I have not been stitching for about 2 weeks, so in frustration I purchased wrist supports and merrily began to stitch again last night. Big Mistake, my wrists and fore arms were screaming! The doctor recommends NO STITCHING for 3 weeks, an anti inflammatory, and wrist supports while I sleep. I am so frustrated, and all this right before a 3 day weekend!

He also noted that the way I hold my projects, in hand, could be aggravating things. I think I will try a Lap Stand.

Still no Internet, I kinda like being off the grid at home, but I will post previous progress soon! The Maiden

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