Sunday, November 7, 2010

Potted Fancy WIP

I finished about 7 leaves this morning at 1:30 AM and then did a few of the numbers. I really REALLY hate the pattern write up, but really love the picture. I think I am going to have to do some more guess work on the potted fancy sign (looks like it is black but might actually be olive green-who knows). I am hoping to get this one done and then start some type of companion piece that I have in my waiting land.

Last Posted September 5th...really cool, you can look up our materials by name and it will show you all the postings! Just learned this when trying to add the date as to the last time I posted this..check it out, very cool. We definitely want to label our projects by their names so we can watch the progress. Neat feature I never saw before.

1 comment:

  1. This is the point in a project when I usualy jump around. It is so hard to remain motivated when you are so close to finishing!

    I feel this way about Rest and be Thankful, I am dying to jump around, but I will force myself to stitch this to completion. My list needs to get much smaller before I can devote serious time to my HAED.

    I cannot wait to see this one done... I do love birds! The Maiden