Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mail Call

Mother the Round Robbin is on it's way to you! I have not had time/motivation to post lately, but when I come back from vacation I should have some progress to show. The only decision now is which project do I take? Rest & Thankful is so close it is not worth packing and the HAED seems rather combersome to travel with, so now I must figure out what my next project of focus will be to alternate with the HEAD. With 24 going I can hardly make a mistake! I am leaning towards Venetian Opulance or Mothers Arms. Lilac is closest to being completed and then there is Sabrina (I am visiting it's future owner!) I will post as soon as I decided (now I am excited!). The maiden


  1. And the winner is....

    Moontide! I wanted a Haed and this was portable. I began this peice in the hopes of trying tent stitching, but that was a mistake (more on that later). I made some nice progress while in Denver and will post as soon as the frogging is done.

    Rest and be Thankful is only a night away, but I have been distracted by the HAED and all the new fabrics I got in Denver! (I just realized how close my Thanksgiving deadline is, Eek!)I may switch my focus to Quilting for a while, I have 3 commissioned quilts I need to get done ASAP. The Maiden

  2. Received and on the frame. I started stitching the other day, but my schedule has been so wacky lately all I want to do is sleep. Have no fear by 12/15 it will be mailed south for the winter.

  3. I don't know who has which piece at this point...kinda nice to have a small break being that I am on the round which would be owls! Yeah finished owls. Sorry you have such a crappy schedule. The maiden and I are thinking to come that way for maybe a couple days over the holiday break just so I can bring up gifts and not have to ship them. Also, that way I can get your Lady of the Mist to you fnally. We shall see. Dado doesn't think it is such a swell idea, but we shall see.