Sunday, November 7, 2010

Postings with Labels

I've been working on our blog for about an hour trying to find all the same projects and label them. I realized that I can't name all of the mermaids because our mermaid folder has only about half the ones we have presently. Also, I stopped when I named the Mirabilia "The Lovers" and then thought it probably was the kiss. I need to go to Mirabilia and see (how sad..pretty sure but not 100 percent). Also, there are two new Mirabilia patterns out if you guys have missed those. The Crone


  1. Yeah labels, I have started labeling my current posts but wrote off the previous ones as a lost cause! I'm a lazy blogger.

    I'm not very fond of the new Mirabilia's. In the yellow dress catagory I already have "Spring Queen" and "The Dreamer" started and "The Rose of Sharon" in my someday box of patterns (although I have seen some wild colors changes on this one and may alter the pattern).

    My WIP is called "The Kiss."

    The Maiden

  2. The Rose of Sharon..I will have to look that one up. I'm not too sure about the new ones either..kinda like the garden one, it reminds me of Versalles (spelling?)...was a great place to visit. I am excited about the potted fancy as well-I am going to take it with me to Carson City this week and hope I can finish it (if there is any time to do so-a big if!)