Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I have been thinking about calling you for days. Every time I go for the phone I get another distraction and it is 10:43 PM before I can get back to the idea. Your wit just cracks me up....I would very much like to see the Mrs. Brady house. Are you guys preparing for the move even as we speak? I don't blame you for wanting to move if there is a constant stream of people in and out looking to buy-what a drag. Are all the kids going to fit into a 3 bedroom house? Sounds pretty tight to me...I guess it will be easier to keep an eye out for everyone. Let me know if I can help in any way. I have ZERO definitive plans for summer vacation except writing all new curriculum for an Epidemiology class I will be teaching in the fall. Arrgghh. Other than that all is well.

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  1. Well, the brady house was taken before we could get our application in. Go figure. but we did find another place that is 4 bedrooms not too far from where we are now. We are supposed to meet the guy tomorrow to put down the deposit and he said we could just start moving stuff in, which will be nice. The kids will be in Vegas from the 11th to the 20th, so that'll make the move a little easier. Our current landlord dropped the price another $30,000. I wish we could just buy this house, but it's not an option at this point. I am working all kinds of crazy hours this month, so just call when you can and I hope I will be able to answer. Good news though, I put in my application for training hopefully that will come to fruition here soon...a 10% pay increase would be most welcome. I love you and miss you guys. We have no plans for July, come on up...we should be all moved by then.