Thursday, May 27, 2010

My coolest school project this year

Reilley had to do an artistic rendering of a scene in a book for her English
class, and instead of doing the usual shoe box diarama, we decide to
go with a mini-quilt. She did all of the ironing and most of the cutting.

I did the rest. Hope we get an "A".


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  2. This is the coolest school project I have seen in a while! Compliment Reiley on her cutting skills for me. The Maiden

  3. What is the book that this is showing? Did you both get an A? I assume the teacher wanted to keep it-I know I would. I saw that The Lightening Thief author has out a new book-is that something that you will get for Reilley, or should I order it and send it? I love and miss you badly. Mom

  4. The book was "Esperanza Rising". Reilley has no idea what her grade was on the project, and yes, her teacher kept it. I haven't heard of any new book by the Lightening Thief author, but I don't have a spare penny these days. We are getting ready to move again, our landlord dropped the price of the house another $10, we have had a steady stream of people in here looking at it. We finally decided to just find another place and sign a lease so we dont have to worry about it. We actually found this house over by the kids school, it was built in the late 50's early 60's, 3 bedrooms but 3200sq ft...and was obviously decorated by Carol Brady. The dining room has gold flocked wallpaper and this wacky chandalier...but its kinda cool. It has all of these crazy light fixtures and stuff. The backyard is great...big lawn and a water feature. Nice big patio and stuff. Plus the rent is cheaper. I'm kinda looking forward to it. I miss you and love you....