Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trying but not getting too far

This last week in San Jose I was able to get in a few hundred stitches to my Magnolia..not enough to post I don't think, but at least have a needle back in my hand. I know you both have posting materials-I will take the pictures and upload our Maiden if you wish. I miss you guys. The Mother.


  1. I haven't done one stitch since I left Las Vegas. However, the kids have a dentist appointment tomorrow so I plan on taking "Venetian" with me...I have been working on a quilt with the really bright baticks (sp?) is coming out really cool. I also got the names of a couple long arm quilters in the I am really excited to have my first real quilt done. Love and Miss you guys. Ren

  2. How is the Venetian lady coming along. You know the maiden is well on her way to catching up with you...she is quite competitve in the stitching department. Let us see it soon.

  3. Mother is so FAR ahead of me I doubt I will ever catch up! I stiched on this piece so much that I am almost sick of it, but I love that we are both doing it. Without that competitive edge I doubt I would have put more than a few days into it, as it stands now I have devoted the entire month of May to it! I had no idea how much stitching you had done until I attempted it myself, I'm so sick of hair and skin I could spit! Now I'm just being dramatic, but you get the point. Last week my cat Lane bit the cloth while I wasn't looking and made a big hole by her nose. Luckily I was able to work the fabric back into place, or he would have been in BIG trouble! I will post the next time I am at the Crones with the piece. The Maiden