Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mermaid Madness

Kicking and screaming The Crone made me post works in progress, since I will be a slave to the text book for a while. This Mermaid is all but done, just beads left (about 2 pounds of them). Mother, you know how much I love beading! This project has been waiting for beads for months! This pattern is deceiving, not much to look, but once it was stitch...


  1. She is beautiful. You need to post "the Kiss", I want to see it. please.

  2. Just keep beading...just keep are in my power...this is a trance...just keep beading!!! :)

  3. Mother, You should see the crazy mad beading that the maiden is doing. She is obsessed and I think this one will be the next (of her multiple projects) that will be done first. It is amazing. I can't wait till she posts this one again.