Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Leaping Cat

It began with a fight over a scrap piece of fabric that ended with 2 projects stitched simultaneously. Stitched on 32 count, 1 over 1.
I dedicate the first one to the latest addition to my four legged family, whose name is stitched within. Lane was found, as you might guess, in between 2 lanes- run over and left for dead. By the time I had put in the last stitch I had a energetic kitten to play with the left over strings.

The second I dedicate to the Crone, the only person to whom I would willing part with one of my projects. Next time you can have the fabric! Just kidding. The Maiden


  1. I remember the battle over that fabric! I bought some fabric and other things that day too!

  2. Theresa I went back and bought some fabric that looks like the sky for the bear and moose walking in the woods. Of course I am now looking for the pattern and it is missing in action. Arrgghhh.