Saturday, August 5, 2017

Una Casa

Many, many years ago I began this project by The Sunflower Seed. It is in fact, one of the earliest to appear on this blog. It was abandoned like so many other UFOs, until I came across it a week ago and realized it was the spitting image of my dream Home.

The Crone and I often talked late into the night of the significance of the projects we choose (usually with a cup of Tevana in hand), how they represent the "tapestry of life." Now that I can see the purpose behind this project so many years later it is time to finish it, and hopefully bring into reality not only this house but a project for it's walls!

When I was a young stitcher I went through a silk phase, and in my insanity converted all the DMC in this project to Splendor's. I cringed when I found the receipt for this purchase folded at the bottom of a bag, an astounding $185.00 was spent on a project I worked on for 7 days!

Despite the expense, I adore this project for the balance it holds and loved adding the N-S-E-W to the bottom.

The Summer home has joined Fall, only 2 more houses to go!
The Maiden

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