Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!!!

So I spent the day learning how to box finish using the tutorial the Mother Found, and while I am preparing a Hogwarts style feast for sister and I, a quick post was necessary!
Here is the link to the tutorial I used from the amazing Twisted Stitcher
And the link for the bow tutorial on you tube (the Crone usually ties mine!)

"Halloweenies" by Bent Creek, stitched on 28ct Periwinkle Pizazz.
 A shot of the back...
 I used two fabrics, a black and the sparkle one you see (just because it wasn't difficult enough!)
 I finished this one differently, I just love the skull in the center of the bow!

 A sneak peak at some of the materials I used...
(Walmart is by FAR cheapest for foam and fabric, the other embellishments were obtained from Michael's)
And finally, my Trio!
I will keep one and the others will be gifts!
The Maiden


  1. I LOVE them! Great Job! Happy Halloweenie! I wish I could go to your Hogwarts feast, Ryan is currently obsessed with all things Harry Potter, and we have been making recipes out of the "Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook". (The Treacle Tart is A-Mazing). Love You. Miss You. ~ Ren