Thursday, October 2, 2014

Halloween Haul

So I have finished the first of 4, yes FOUR of the Halloweenie sets and wanted to show a preview before I attempted to make boxes...
Of course I lost the pattern, and when I went to the LNS today to get another they were out!
I did however find this GEM, a gingerbread haunted house! The pattern and embellishment pack are outrageously expensive, so I left with the pattern and will have to come back for all those buttons!
I fell so madly in love with the project that I am even forgoing the annual stitcher's retreat in October so I can put the $40 towards the cause!

 More skeleton Halloween fun! I already have the frame for last stitch cemetery, a Christmas present from the Crone 2 years ago!

 I picked this one up while my framer was in town and she exclaimed "I have the perfect black oval frame for that!" Done.  
 And lastly, the 2 new Nora witches. Where ever will I find time for all this madness!?
The Maiden.


  1. LOVE the Halloweenies! Can't wait to see everything stitched up...

  2. Can you email me the name of the designer for those Halloweenies? Thanks

  3. Now that is a great haul! Well bought :)


    I can't wait to see that one stitched!