Sunday, October 14, 2012

To Manbroider

Dear Manbroider,
I will happily give you my July 2012 Cross Stitch Collection issue 211 for you are the guru of getting Joan Elliot's done.  I tried to figure out how to respond on your blog and subscribed and everything and still came up short.  So if you are still in need of this magazine (I am missing a few here and there so I won't stress too badly without one missing number-usually I would but I have tried to let some of those things go lately!).  So...if you come across this post let me know so that I can get an address and ship it out.  I love seeing Joan's materials worked, I own so many and have yet to go there, even have the Polstitch fabrics...but you are the man, so. Let me know.
The Crone


  1. If you go to his blog and click on the "view my profile" link, it gives you the option to send an email to him.