Friday, December 23, 2011

Red Skies At Night

We, the Crone and the Maiden, are incredibly excited about joining Measi and hundreds of others who will be participating in the WIPocalypse. Since two of the three of us will be joining (3 blogging buddies, one blog), we weren't sure how to emphasize that when joining...but you will see the two different lists we have for our year of stitching for 2012. We really like the rules of knowing you can change your list, just incase we get farther ahead (or behind) from where we begin. I am putting my update of Red Skies at Night by Mirabilia as my first WIP for the 2012 line-up. I am going to choose six projects (thought of twelve, but thought I will go for one project with two-months each theme)...but of course that could potentially change.

My WIPocalypse list:
1. Red Skies at Night-Mirabilia

2. Tree of Hope-Mirabilia

3. Magnolia- Mirabilia

4. Act Justly (La D Da)-will change the words to "Blackbird Singing in the Dead of Night"

5. Bird of Paradise-Courtney Collection

6. Birds of a Feather-Blackbird Designs (this is truly the one project I would wish to have in my collection and done prior to the potential Big Bang of 2012)
and the newest addition to the list:

7. Violet- Mirabilia

By the way Measi-I am a Reiki Master, and we totally have the same taste in music. Can't wait to see how this year progresses for everyone. The Crone


  1. I like your Mirabilia choices, looking forward to stitching with you on the WIPocalypse next year!

    Merry Christmas to you all.

    Hannah x

  2. You stitched after I left, I can see the progress in the white sail! He he, I need your stamina! It looks amazing, my favorite part being the red sky, what a lovely silk!

    I guess I better finalize my list, still a few I am toying with, but five I know of for sure. Your list is so exciting, this year is going to be our best yet for stitching! The Maiden

  3. OMG I just made my list not knowing about this WIPocalypse....and it's 13 items long!!!!!
    I love your Red Skies!!!!!!