Sunday, December 25, 2011


Nothing like a severe case of insomnia to encourage cross stitching. I have finally made it through the fan (it was killing me). I also included a picture of Crone and Grandbaby #2...It's just a great picture! The Mother


  1. Venetian Op is looking fabulous! Thats a lovely family picture :D

  2. What were you doing up at like 4:21 am even I was asleep..........haha !!! I love Venetian......our friend will not finish before you...
    Lovely picture!!!!
    Merry Christmas

  3. You are very productive when sleep is illusive (I remember how fast Ivy went when you could not sleep)! The fan is the hardest part of the project, I am dancing around for you now knowing you are finished!

    The rest after that point is fun, color color and more color. Large blocks that are easy to do with tired eyes. So excited you picked her up again! She is a goal of mine for 2012, but I do not plan to get to her until the end of the year, so I cannot wait to see your progress! Also, so jealous of your backstitching...

    The Maiden

  4. She's stunning! (and what a lovely pair of smiles in your photo)

  5. Love the picture and VO looks great. Great going on the fan, it looks fab. :D