Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Just a quick update on Lilac by Nora, I have discovered if I stitch one flower at a time this project may not become a UFO (UnFinished Object). She will go away for a while until I am finished with the Crone's Christmas gift. I am still plugging away on my Mermaids and hope to have them done by January.

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I am very grateful to have family to share my stitching with! The Maiden


  1. I love this one!!!!!! I see a finish soon ! And yah for the Crone"s Christmas present!!!! It'll give me a chance to catch up on the MotDB .....tail today!!!! Hands done!!!!! Did I mention that I love kreinik now!!!!!!! See what you've done to me!!!LOL

  2. She is beautiful!! Love the colours!!

  3. She's lovely!! I'm toying with the idea of doing this one, and I'll be watching yours with interest. Put her back to active status soon. ;)