Sunday, November 30, 2014

Christmas Spirit

With a winter storm brewing outside and a lazy Sunday ahead of me I decided to pull out one of my many WIP's and take a break from Undine.
 I had originally put this project away after one day, deciding 36ct did not suit! While I am still annoyed by it, I refuse to buy another piece of fabric so I will forge on!
 While I have an abundance of Halloween projects completed I realized today the only stitched decorations for the holiday season I have came from the Crone! Hopefully this will inspire me to
complete one of my own before the season is done!
The Maiden


  1. This is a really cute pattern! It's looking great so far. I hope you're able to endure the 36 count and get it done!

  2. It looks lovely so far :) I'm afraid I can only go as small as 25 count...anything smaller drives me mad! x