Friday, September 12, 2014

Unexpected Undine

Much controversy has surrounded this project, Undine by Mirabilia, and I must say I have been quite challenged!

 Firstly, the colors are not at all what I expected! After much debate (mostly on facebook) it was determined that the dye lot of my Waterlilies was very different than those used to stitch the model.
I almost gave the project up completely, but with a little nudge from Nora herself I decided to continue!

 The second I saw this pattern I thought "she looks like a Betta fish!" As soon as the words left my mouth a new "fish baby" found me! Meet Diaval, a coveted rosetail. I really had no desire to add to my school at this time, but I feel it was fate...
and the moment I began to stitch the purples in her tail, I knew Undine and Diaval would swim side by side in my bathroom perfectly!
A note about the stitching at this point: I have learned it is best to stitch all the DMC in an area first, then go back and "paint" with the waterlilies. I had not done this in the darker tail portion and lost all my beautiful ribbing!
Also, we all know I hate the 3 B's: beading, backstitching and blends, but I now must amend this statement. For the first time I encountered a DMC/Waterlily blend... and fell in love! You can see the outcome above in the outline of the tail, stitching the purple DMC and the waterlily with the blend inbetween really created a seamless color transition!
The Maiden. 

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  1. Wow! that is so pretty. You are the first stitcher I've ever run across that's talked about blending two different brands of floss thread. I look forward to seeing your progress on Undine.