Monday, April 7, 2014

I am dangerously close to becoming a serial starter - WIP Update

Faith, Hope, Love by Workbasket - one over one on a scrap of natural linen.
You are my Sunshine by La D Da - no idea on the fabric
 Tulip by Mirabilia - again no clue on the fabric - It is an opal. :)
 Justice by Stephanie Law via HAED - 1 page done, 12 to go [sigh] 
Persephone by Mirabilia on PTP Pickled - almost to the flip the pattern stage.
 Officer Grizzley by Stoney Creek - I may have this finished before he retires :^D
This was a DMC free pattern (that I LOVE)  and that I ran out of room on my fabby.... so I have another piece to stitch the last two


  1. I had no idea you started Tulip, cannot wait to see this pixie!!! I LOVE Persephone, it is taking all my willpower not to start her tonight! I am so jealous you have that intimidating background done!

    I like this idea, a review of active projects. I started taking pictures of my WIPs tonight, and I had so many I decided I better stick to Mirabilia's only! The Maiden

  2. PS- the HAED is my absolute favorite, I cannot wait for you to get back to this one!

  3. I didn't even mention the ones that are kitted up and ready to go ..., Lady Hera, Sabrina, Judgement, Verticle Aspirations, Woodpecker Tapestry, the rest of the Little Sniwy Village......

  4. Wow, loving your work! Great stitching and how cute is the bear! :o)

  5. Lots of gorgeous projects :) Lovely eye candy xx