Sunday, February 16, 2014

Comissions for the Crone

The Crone has entrusted me with 4 projects to complete from her stash!
 Waiting for Ships
 Tree of hope
Violet and a Nora Corbett (magazine)
We are not Mirabilia Minions at all!
It will be very hard to resist the new release, she is my favorite Mirabilia of all time! Now, which project to start... The Maiden


  1. What gorgeous projects you have work on. Enjoy!!

  2. Tree of Hope is one of my favourites! I have it in my stash, just no idea when I will actually stitch it!

  3. Beautiful! Can't wait to see your progress on these beautiful designs :o)

  4. I say work on the one that is closest to being finished.

    1. That is what Carol suggested too... but for some reason Violet called to me!? Now I am regretting starting on her, because I have had a visit from the frog! Oh well, I think it will be good to start and end with the largest projects.