Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thunder and Threads

Today the storm continues, which is fine by me for it is the only time I like my new Jeep which I have dubbed "water bug." Joann's is once again having a sale on DMC (whoo hoo!) so I kitted up a new mermaid pattern...

I love the pin up quality, very Merabilly! 
 Floss toss, the colors are much richer in person...
 Lastly, an update on my name tree. you can see the "MARK," but the iridescent fabric is completely lost. I did solve the problem of the dye not being set, no more green fingers!
The Maiden  


  1. lovely coloured floss, and fabric too!

  2. Your Merabilly looks pretty pissed off to me. Nice to see at least one of us has time to stitch. No life right now...maybe in the summer. Arrrgghhhhh.

  3. Oooh! Very cute pin-up mermaid! The fabby is perfect for her. Good to hear that the green dye isn't making your fingers green! So strange that happened. The tree is looking good!