Saturday, June 22, 2013

Treat? Yes Please!

After months of no sugar (my restricted diet to discourage bacterial growth) I have found a way to "Have a Treat!"

By cherryWood Design Studios, stitched on 32ct Crystal Flapper. This fabric was originally for Silver Moon Tea, but it was a nightmare to work on! The weave was too tight and uneven, I actually had to frog! 
The buttons are the reason I wanted to have this project (I even made the crone buy a set!). The backstitching was arduous, but I love the webbed table!

My lovely assistant Lane, who cannot resist my project bags!
Course 5 of antibiotics will be done in a few days, wish me luck!
The Maiden


  1. Hello

    Just found your blog.

    Lovely spooky finish, I love the webbed table too!

    Silver Moon Tea is beautiful.

    Lovely kitty (:

  2. Love the finish!!!! And Lane is a cutie!!!!!

  3. That is so cute! I love the buttons! And your "helper" is a beautiful feline!

  4. Great finish! Love those eyes! And your cute helper :) Good luck!

  5. Oh yes, that's really a treat for the eyes. Great Halloween finish!

  6. Your piece is absolutely stunning…I enjoyed looking around your blog too. Gorgeous work you do and Thanks for stopping by as well.

  7. What a fabulous project! I love the buttons too

  8. I love your finish and the fabric! Great job :)

  9. That's super-cute! Haven't seen it before:) I may have to look for it

  10. Oh cute! Love the Halloween piece! The Miri is looking great. Tuxedo kitty is vey pretty!