Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Siren's Inspiration

My Progress on Siren has been hindered by a back injury I sustained last week (I had hoped to be further along), but I am none the less excited to be moving on to the last part of her tail!

This is Darwin, a Betta I kept in my office until very recently when he found a new home with Kristle. He is my inspiration for this mermaid, the coloration is an exact match! I have recently become a betta hoarder, I have 4 between my home and office, so I decided to embrace the madness and create a blog with my co-workers (who also have bettas at work!), it can be found here: www.bettahoarders.blogspot.com

Close up of the tail. The Maiden


  1. She's soo pretty, Maiden. She's def on my ever-growing list to do. Love ur fabric for her too :)))

  2. Duncan, his name is Duncan. ;)