Friday, November 9, 2012

Mermaid Revealed

I can finally post my finish of Mediterranean Mermaid, as she will find her way to her new owner tomorrow!

Mermaid Mirabilia
This is a gift/commission for the ever talented Sara Lamp, who's creative choices in framing my pieces I trust more than my own.

I absolutely hated the hair, I mean loathed it with all that blue. So after days of stewing and not stitching, I pulled and frogged and added gold kreinik. Sometimes, a girl just needs kreinik. Now her hair is one of my favorite elements!

A note on conversions: I changed the Kreinik comprising her crown to 201C and the beads in her hair only to Mill Hill 02011.
Mediterrean Mermaid Mirabilia

I had to include this photo, the flash made me feel like I had snapped her in motion!
The Maiden