Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Venetian Opulence" still so far to go.....


  1. I am infineately greatful I started this peice, because if I hadn't I would have o leave work and buy it immediately! I would not have been able to control myself after this posting. She is absolutly stunning, so demure and elegant. The colors must be outrageous, I cannot wait. I may have to take a break or alternate between Liliac and this one. Maybe if I finish Liliac in a few weeks...

  2. Once you get past the arch...it is smooth sailing. The dress has been fun to work on and if I wasn't so obessed with sewing and crocheting at the moment, a lot more of it would be done. Hmmmm, I am home family sick today with Reilley...maybe I will focus on stitching.