Monday, December 21, 2009

The South Seas Mermaid

Stitched on 32 ct OD linen, color is "Loch."
After being inspired by the Mermaids of the Mother and Crone I decided to start one of my own. the stitching went fast as I flew through spools of Krenic, but then came the beading. The project sat untouched for months as I began 6 others (yes I have many distractions, and maybe some commitment issues), but driven by some otherworldly desire to see her completed I finished the majority of beading after a 3 month sabbatical. Just like Glendon Place, Projects with excessive beading may fall into the category of never again! The Maiden


  1. WOW! Well worth the wait. She's gorgeous. i haven't done anything at all, but I start back on day shift, the bigeinning of the year....My goal is to start stitching again.

  2. Yeah...two in such a short time..wowzer. I also have had a break from stitching only to be making quilts...sorry. I did, however, get a gift certificate for -you guessed it-"Stitcher's Paradise" from my brother and his wife. Hooray.