Thursday, October 8, 2009

Progress is a beautiful thing....

10/10/09 The berries are coming along.....
10/09/09 Another Graveyard Shift well this rate I'll be done before i know it...I'm really liking these smaller projects.

10/08/09 So I picked "holly" back up yesterday and stitched my way through a graveyard shift (completely ignoring all of the other work I should have been doing).....and I am super excited. She is beautiful, the pictures don't do the colors justice and the sparkle on the fabric is gorgeous...we'll see how much I get done tonight.


  1. I love her. I have been busy doing other holiday stuff, now I want to get back to my Pixie Couture. I can't wait to see how much is done next. At this rate she will be done way before Thanksgiving.

  2. Two weeks? Holy do I get a job that I can do what I really would like to do. My small projects are getting smaller and smaller...I can send another Couture any time...I have several ready to go.

  3. What no new posting with the berries complete? Wow..this truly is amazing. I was wondering is the Krenick 1432 for the wings? I am using that on the wings of the Magnolia and I think they will be hard to see...especially if she ever gets posted. :)