Monday, February 19, 2018

A Ghastly Maiden, Mother, Crone

2018 has brought  with it a stitching curse! Projects do not  entertain for more than a day, new  starts must be restarted, and WIPs  develop fatal flaws (like  drastically different tensions). 

I searched for an hour for the Mira I wanted yesterday for hermit and stitch to no avail, so in my frustration I picked up At the Met.
900 stitches later... Could the curse be broken?

With every pull of the needle I thought how great would it look in my future craft room with the art I received from the Crone for Christmas! The Maiden, Mother and Crone Ghastlies inspired! 

Better pictures to come... The Maiden


  1. Maybe all your other stitching were in cahoots for you to start Met, Joy... and have her finished in time for the retreat. ;) HAHA!!! Love that collection of art for the Crone. So much character in them.

  2. Love your stitching! And that artwork is awesome!

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