Sunday, May 20, 2018

Mira Fever

Tired stitcher's across the country make their way back home today (or try to, the San Antonio Airport is a mess of delays, mechanical malfunctions, and bad weather!) as the 2018 Mirabilia Minions retreat sadly comes to a close.
I was able to get more beading done on The Kiss, and even got to hear Nora muse on designing more men!

 Since this is my oldest project, and arguably one of the most meaningful ones for me as I stitch the "tapestry of my Life" I asked Nora to sign my pattern. I will treasure it always! I guess I have to finish it now, hahaha!

We snuck away to see the sights, with a little stop at the Alamo! (if you squint really hard you can see me by the door, all long dark hair and even longer dress with red flowers)

My need for Coke in a Pepsi world became a personal mission and source of amusement for all!

We even stopped to take a ride down the River Walk! The weather was perfect and there was a soft breeze as we wove through the city on our electric boat!

Like all good things, this too must come to an end. I thankfully had Peony on me as I was stuck in the airplane on the tarmac for 3 hours (with the exception of a quick deplane and replane)! I faired far better than the Mother, whose flight was so delayed she missed her connection and must stay another night away from home!
The retreat was so inspirational, and I can now say the Mother and I have Mira Fever (as I work at an infectious disease research center now I feel that I am qualified to make this diagnosis!).  Look for some finishes in the near future!
The Maiden

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Miras, Miras Everywhere

Day 2 of the 2018 Mirabilia Retreat in San Antonio TX was packed with stitching, prizes, and a little hockey!

Go Knights Go!!!
The biggest surprise was a design Nora created just for this retreat plus all the floss kitted for us by Leslie of Under the Sea Fabrics!

The walls are lined with Mira upon Mira, the stitchy bug has truly bit the Mother and I!

The bags were a hit with Potter fans!

And how could I resist this hand turned stitching accessories caddy! (More on this gem later)

I visited my second cross stitch store ever, Stitches from the Heart and picked up 2 patterns that lined the walls.

I would have normally never picked up this pattern but it is stunning in person ( that spinning wheel)! Plans for a SAL with my new friend Vanessa of Nessa's Needleminders are already in the works!
Finally, our stichy progress! The Mother is really making progress on her mermaid, or the never ending tail as I called it!

And Venetian has seen progress for the first time in a decade!
The Maiden

Friday, May 18, 2018

Bucket List

 I switched jobs and learned a new trait (stiching maiden bags premiered yesterday!) to make it to the 2018 Mirabilia Minons Retreat and am overjoyed to be surrounded by stitchers and the designer herself!
Quick break for amazing pizza and housemade mozzarella!

Then back to work! Here is Day 1 progress for myself on Venetian and the mother on Siren of the shipwreak.
The Maiden

Monday, February 19, 2018

A Ghastly Maiden, Mother, Crone

2018 has brought  with it a stitching curse! Projects do not  entertain for more than a day, new  starts must be restarted, and WIPs  develop fatal flaws (like  drastically different tensions). 

I searched for an hour for the Mira I wanted yesterday for hermit and stitch to no avail, so in my frustration I picked up At the Met.
900 stitches later... Could the curse be broken?

With every pull of the needle I thought how great would it look in my future craft room with the art I received from the Crone for Christmas! The Maiden, Mother and Crone Ghastlies inspired! 

Better pictures to come... The Maiden

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Beyond Excited!!!

I may have to open an etsy store just to afford it, but the Singer Heritage is finally mine!
The Maiden

Still here Stitching

Just not crosses!
I have been working on making project bags, but am still struggling with the pesky binding! The "beta bags" are being used to organize my 40 odd projects and I have been shocked by what I have found!

Patterns long forgotten (like Minerva here), extra needles, wrist supports, and snap frames (all on my to buy list), and even fully kitted projects that I have bought already. Twice kitted! The truely gut wrenching is the bags of fancy floss with no discernible pattern! Why!? Organization is long overdue! The Maiden

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

The dreaded bead

Hoping this will motivate me to bead.

How have I not thought to label my bead containers before!?
The Maiden