Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Haughty No More

This cursed bird has seen it's last stitch, and I could not be happier to give it to The Crone and get it out of my life! Hahaha, stitched in 31 days, this is my largest finish to date with the largest challenge being the silk dye lot issues. 

The Red was so drastically different that I opted to use 3 separate DMCs instead and the purple was a blend of 2 DMCs used selectively throughout the pattern to give an aged effect. 

The Maiden 


Something Wicked this Way Comes

 This Fall season has been filled with family and friends, with new additions to each! The arrival of my littlest niece in September ushered in a very busy time with little stitching to be had. 

I did manage to start my first Autumn Lane as a SAL with my new stitchy partner in Crime from San Antonio and finished about 35 percent before the Halloween bug left me. 

I hope everyone had a Spooktacular haunting season! The Maiden 

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

She waits, a little less patiently

 In the spirit of returning to my goals for 2022 I pulled out Andromeda

I have been spoiled by finishes lately and now have "finish fever." After Night Nymph was beaded I put her on the snaps and cannot wait to spend some more time on the project once Haughty Bird is finished. 

The Maiden 

Haughtiest of Birds

 Well, I have made it to both sides of the project...

The left side was 6 stitches too long and the right was 3 stitches to short. Now that they have both been stitched I will need to go and correct the left side further, but at least we are making progress! 

The Crone arrives on October 15th, so I have set a goal to finish this project for her before then. It will mean stitching 3.5 blocks per day, or 350 stitched area squares. 

Wish me luck, this is definitely the last commission I will take on for a while! 
The Maiden 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Fright Night

Another Creepy Cross stitch bites the dust and brings my Halloween WIP total down to 9! 

 This project was tarted on October 29, 2021 so that I could squeeze one last Halloween start in last year. Stitched in 6 days, I made many changes, most notably the use of E940 for the ghosts, a truly hateful fiber that gives them a soft glow. 

Before the New Year I devised a plan for 2022, and like may stitchers I immediately veered of course! I have been seeing how much I could salvage with what is left of the year and since I neglected to outline my goals in January I will do it now. Maybe this will make me more accountable? Doubtful, hahaha

3 Creepy Cross Stitch Projects (COMPLETED!)

1. Gentle Monstrosity

2. Illuminated Ghoul

3, Fright Night

3 Creepmas Projects (COMPLETED!)

1. Gruss Von Krampus

2. Krampus Ornament

3. Gingerdead Man 

4 Mirabilia Designs 

1. Andromeda

2. Aphrodite Mermaid (COMPLETED)

3. Night Nymph (beading as week speak)

4. Ophelia

Note: after reorganizing my WIPs and making some tough decisions I have whittled my collection down to 12 Miras. I like the idea of assigning one Mira to each month and giving myself a goal, such as 500-1000 stitches. Looking at how much time I have to stitch left in 2022 I do not think Ophelia will be completed, but have high hopes for the rest of the list! 

Evil Flowers

Lake Baikal

Antler Girl (started)

HAED SAL with @linasstitchlife (postponed, TBD: I have a secrete) 

Castle Dracula (started SAL also with Lina, but may restart do to coverage issues) 

Whew, those were some lofty goals! The Maiden

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Fall Florals

I spent 2 hours frogging the moon on this project for the fourth time, but I think I finally have found a color combination I can live with for my oldest Halloween project! 

My floral arrangement inspired my project choice of the morning...


Sunday, September 11, 2022

Ramping up for Spooky Season!

 Have I been absent, yes.

Does that mean I have not been stitching? No! 

August is when I generally get the Halloween bug, but this year with the birth of my second niece I did not feel the need to pull out and organize my projects until today. 

I have been sewing project bags in preparation of the spooky season, I call this one the Underworld. 
(I used a lace overlay on the vinyl, swoon!)

My oldest Halloween WIP may finally see a finish, as I believe I have figured out a floss conversion for the moon, which has unfortunately been pulled SEVERAL times.

My most recent WIP, Former Homeowners, satisfies my urge to have at least one project from Creepy Cross Stitch going at all times. 

Now for the list, the total WIPs I have started for the Halloween season:

1. Night Creatures 2015

2. Skull Banner 2015

3. Halloween Quaker 2017

4. Sleepy Hallow 2020

5. Catalogue for Witches Familiars 2021

6. October 2021

7.  Leshy 2021

8. Fright Night 2021

9. Vampire Castle 2022

10. Former Homeowners 2022  

Now which one should I take out next? The Maiden 

Note: I forgot 2 WIPs and had to edit my list, which now brings my total WIP count to 50! Yikes, no new starts until I get this number down, sigh