Wednesday, February 6, 2019

A bee for thee

The Mother has pulled out her diamond painting again, and I cannot wait to start one of these! I have been hesitant to convert a HAED because of the size, but Michelle of Heaven and Earth designs is adding canvases with the charts printed on them to her site and I could not be more thrilled! Right now it's just select smalls and minis ( coming soon) but hopefully in the future we will get full charts!

I am less than amused with bees at the moment as a killer bee hive has taken root on my roof! The maiden

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  1. That bee is looking stunningly gorgeous as a diamond painting! The full size charts do convert into rather gigantic pieces though. I had bees in the walls a few years back and could hear them buzzing quite loudly in the bathroom! It was a bit of a nightmare... They dislike the smell of camphor though, so you can stink them out with that if you get them before they get too established.